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At Body By Beast, the exclusive and science-based Body By Beast Method (BBB-Method) has been created using validated and scientifically-proven research, by coaches who have been coaching at the highest level* for more than 25-years.

The BBB-Method consists of 6 fundamental principles:

  1. A fitness evaluation, which examines interlinked fitness components: aerobic endurance, strength, muscular endurance, power, speed, flexibility, coordination, agility and balance
  2. Clearly establishing fitness goals, which are integrated into your lifestyle; goals – these might be anything from weight loss to completing an Ironman Triathlon
  3. Developing positive habits and mental discipline through dedicated personal coaching within a welcoming, easy to access and encouraging exercise community
  4. unique workout routine, which is planned into a weekly fitness schedule by your coach, even if you only train once a week at Body By Beast. Your individualized program is adapted as your fitness improves over time. In scientific terms it is called periodization, and is the key for best results
  5. Direction for recovery from exercise – including sleep, nutritional guidance and other forms of movement and physical activity, guaranteeing you continue to get fit in Bangkok
  6. Exercising as part of a fitness community – At Body By Beast you can train one-to-one with a coach, or with friends as part of our private group training program

Coaching Expertise and Results:

Many personal fitness trainers are certified gym trainers, however these [PT and gym trainer] courses are often limited in their depth and quality of understanding the science and facts behind exercise science and coaching. Our team members are all qualified in Exercise Science to a Bachelor’s Degree level, and many are Master’s degree graduates, meaning they have studied and practiced exercise science for 3 to 5 years – making them very effective and extremely knowledgeable Strength & Conditioning Coaches.

Our method is proven to work, and many of our clients are prominent personalities – so their results are noticed on a daily basis. These include: Artiwara, Bebe, Punpun Suttata, Sririta Jenson, Praya Lumberg, Alita Pear, Pemika, Rachinwong.

A recent comment from P’Toon, lead singer in the band BodySlam:

“… coming back from training with the best personal trainers in Bangkok after the long break, I can feel the difference during the show, which means I feel less tired and can control my tempo of breathing; to sing better, more powerfully; to focus more on each song, and feel relaxed in conversations with the audience during the show…”

P’toon Bodyslam

Why work with a personal trainer?
Although our team members are considered as Strength & Conditioning Coaches (a coach), some of the advantages are the same. Research shows that working with a coach increases commitment to exercise; during exercise, your coach will ensure correct form for best results and injury prevention; you will learn more about what you are doing and why; the program is very personalized; you will get guidance in creating an overall healthier lifestyle, and you will be challenged more than if you work-out alone.
What types of workout programs are you offering?
We offer private one-on-one coaching, which is very personalized, and exclusive. Your Exercise Prescription is individually planned to align with your goals, and based your initial exercise assessment. Because our coaches are university educated, they have access and understanding of an enormous catalogue of cutting-edge and results-oriented exercises, movement techniques and recovery mechanisms. Our coaches will systematically plan your regime to provide the biggest training effect, using the principles of periodization. If you wish to exercise with a friend or more, our private group training can accommodate up to three people at one time.
How often do I check in with my trainer?
As part of your weekly planned exercise and movement program (microcycle), we recommend two or three sessions each week with a BBB coach. At certain times, such as peaking for an event or special occasion (e.g. racing your first marathon, or getting into the best shape for your wedding – as bride or groom), you may plan with your coach to work out on a daily basis for a while. Daily workouts would include everything from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), to strength and weight-lifting, recovery sessions, stretching & flexibility training, and specific exercise testing. All our coaches are available on the Line App and able to respond to questions on an ongoing basis.
How often do my workouts change?
One of the main principles of exercise science is adaptation. This means that when you put your body through a specific program, it will adapt to be able to cope with the challenges of that program. This is why good programs are carefully planned to provide enough difficulty to offer a challenge, but not too much that you cannot recover. Exercise programs that do not allow enough recovery, whether within a training session, or between training sessions will likely cause overtraining, and be detrimental to your results. This is why we use science-based programming and not guesstimates.

The simple answer is that we will modify your workouts when your body has adapted to its current regime. Although the science is a more complicated than this, we will educate you so that you understand how your program is developed, and you will always have the opportunity to provide your own feedback. There is a statement often used by coaches to highlight the perspective of adaptation and how you might feel when training – “it never get easier, you simply get fitter”…

How quickly will I see the results of my training?

This depends on how disciplined and committed you are to your training; what extent of prior exercise training you have; your current state of fitness, and lifestyle factors that may affect your results (e.g. having a new baby and not being able to get the sleep you need). It also depends on what “results” you expect.

We recommend that you consider a number of outcomes with your training. For example, if you wish to lose bodyfat, you may not see bodyfat changes for a month or so. However, you will see improvements in strength, aerobic endurance, and improved recovery times – which all signify that the body is adapting to better utilize stored fat as an energy source. Thus, it’s only a matter of time before you see reduced fat stores in your belly, hips, thighs, and all over the body where you have excess energy stored as fat.

The greater your discipline and commitment, the quicker you will see results. This means improving your nutritional intake, sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day, monitoring specific metrics (such a waking heart rate, which is an indication of recovery rates), and following the individualized recommendations of your coach.

Previous exercise experience and current fitness levels (at the start) may sometimes offer quicker results; though someone who has a low fitness level is more likely to see greater percentage improvements than someone who starts already with a high fitness level. We are able to explain all these intricacies and to educate you as your program develops with us – because we understand the facts and science of training and we understand the specific individuality, and personalization that defines you.

A huge opportunity for personal change and to reach your potential at any age and from any starting point! Join the best coaching and personal training team in Bangkok, call or email for more information.

*Coaching athletes for the Olympic Games, and in winning an Olympic Gold Medal (Thailand Olympic Lifter Sopita Tanasan).